How to Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1

Booting to Windows Desktop Windows 8.1

Booting directly to the App screen is one of the annoyances of switching to Windows 8.1.  I want it to boot to the desktop.
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Windows 8 Start Button


 Where Did The Start Button Go?

Anyone who has purchased a computer lately with Windows 8, probably opened it up, hooked everything up, turned it on and said “What the ??!! Is my computer broken already? Where is the desktop?” and when they do find the desktop, that’s when the real freaking out kicks in, “WHERE IS THE START BUTTON???”.  Yes, I’m one of those people.  Microsoft introduced the Start Button back in 1995, it was an easy way to identify what programs you had, easy access to c:, d:, network drives, control panel, anything you wanted to do would be in the Start area.

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How to use Windows 7 Backup and Recovery Part 1

Potential Computer Nightmare Ahead

Backups are something that people never think of until their computer starts doing weird stuff.  Normally it goes from “Hey, what’s up with this?” to “OMG! What about my documents, pictures, and emails!”  It’s never a pretty site, and really there is no reason to fuss about it.  With flash drives, external hard drives, online backup, and the “Cloud”, there shouldn’t be any reason that you lose any documents.   This is fine, but what if you have a disaster that involved a virus or hard drive failure that required you to reinstall all the software?  For the people who just use their computer to surf the internet and play internet games, not a big deal. Read the rest of this entry

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Malicious Software or “Malware” is becoming the general term to cover viruses, worms, spyware or any other programs designed to cause unwanted results on your computer.  Over 70,000 new malware and variants of malware are produced daily.  Nobody really thinks about it, but somewhere out in the cyberworld, they are lurking for you.

A Virus is computer code that is designed to “break” your computer by infecting your executable files.  They can also infect autorun Scripts, MS Office Macros, and the master boot record of a hard drive.  It’ll copy the code into other files and programs until your computer is eventually useless.   In the old days when the floppy drive was popular and essential for moving data, it wasn’t uncommon to leave an unknowingly infected floppy in the drive while booting.  This would move the virus into the master boot record (in most cases) of the computer and cause the computer to be infected.   Most Virus code that infects computers now will either come as an email attachment, or from executing an infected file downloaded from a website.

Malware programmers figured out that it is more profitable for them to generate income rather than render a computer useless.  Spyware and Ransomware are two of the most common ways they do it.
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