Where Did The Start Button Go?

Anyone who has purchased a computer lately with Windows 8, probably opened it up, hooked everything up, turned it on and said “What the ??!! Is my computer broken already? Where is the desktop?” and when they do find the desktop, that’s when the real freaking out kicks in, “WHERE IS THE START BUTTON???”.  Yes, I’m one of those people.  Microsoft introduced the Start Button back in 1995, it was an easy way to identify what programs you had, easy access to c:, d:, network drives, control panel, anything you wanted to do would be in the Start area.

Start Button

Windows 7 Start Button


Now, 18 years later, a new generation of programmers decided that the Start Button is “obsolete”.  Why make it easier for people to work their computers?  How about we take the Start button out and redesign everything so that people will start looking elsewhere for software?  Although I’m sure that wasn’t Microsoft’sprocess of thinking, it was what I was thinking when I started messing with Windows 8 back in the beta days.  Then I started thinking about the 700+ people I support (a lot of which, if the program shortcut isn’t on the desktop, they still have issues with going to the Start button and finding the program) and suddenly I get a knot in my stomach.  Thank goodness I can still get Windows 7 through Dell at the moment, because rolling out Windows 8 would be a hellish nightmare.

 Windows 8.1 Start Button

I’m not the only person that rebelled against the missing Start button, you can read all across the internet about IT people and Home Users raising cane about it not being there.  And did Microsoft Listen? YES! They said that it would be available in the Windows 8.1 upgrade!  People rejoiced, but not for long.  They found that even though Microsoft put in the Start button, it still displays the Metro Screen which you’d need a monitor as big as the one in Cowboys Stadium (159’ X 71’ That’s FEET not inches!) to see all of it.  So once again, they decided that the consumer wasn’t as important as their ego.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cool features with Windows 8 & 8.1. Overall I like it, but I don’t like not having the Start Button available.  They should have had an option for us oldtimers to activate the classic Start Button, so we could learn the new features at a slower pace than having all the new features crammed down our throat at once, and while trying to navigate through our daily workload. That is ridiculous!

Windows Start Button Fix

Now, I’ll stop my ranting because there is a cure for the issue.  There seems to be several 3rd party people coming up with their own Start Button for Windows 8 and 8.1.  The one I recommend is Classic Shell.  First, it’s free; although they’re not opposed to you throwing a couple bucks their way.  It’s well worth it!  Second, you have the several choices of Start Menus: The Classic Windows XP look, The Windows 7 Look, or customize your own.  Third, YOU HAVE A START BUTTON AGAIN!  Now you can start using the computer the way you understand, and gradually learn all the new features Windows has to offer at your own pace.







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